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Many people dream of becoming millionaires, but it seems the breadth of our financial success may be written in the stars from the day we are born. Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed which star signs are most likely to earn seven figures, and how you can turn the tide in your favour by playing to your strengths. Daring Aries has a good chance of making bank, while savvy saver Taurus has a keen eye for lucrative investments.

Virgo is unlikely to become a millionaire, preferring to work for a good cause, while stacks of cash may come to Sagittarius later in life.

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Australian astrologer Kelli Fox revealed the star signs most likely to become millionaires, with Taurus and Capricorn coming top of the likelihood leader board stock image. Aries do best when they can be the leader of something, so contests, competitions, and championships are appealing to them. But Kelli warns that Aries naturally impulsive and impatient nature may cause them to struggle with saving, long-term investment and anything that becomes too mundane.

Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign

The solution is to attract a responsible, stable business partner who doesn't mind the boring stuff and finds a way to capitalise on your vitality and raw talent,' she said. With a penchant for luxury and extravagance, they are willing to work hard to fund their champagne taste. Australian astrologer Kelli Fox pictured said Taurus' keen eye for investment and risk-averse nature set them on track for seven figure earnings. Risk-averse Taurus is likely to invest only in near certainties, and focus on acquiring material possessions that appreciate in value like art and precious metals.

While not necessarily interested in making money for the sake of it, Gemini is in their element in a world run by social media with influencer being an obvious career choice. This kind of work allows them to indulge their many interests at once. The modern world of social media influencing has created a space where Gemini is likely to thrive financially stock image. A natural business person, Cancer is adept at giving people what they need and crave. But becoming a millionaire will always be incidental to the Crab, whose primary desire is to build something that helps them take care of their people.

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In fact, Cancer may very likely be a k millionaire someday. But while the Lion is attracted to glitter and gold, you may struggle to accumulate wealth. Despite having the talent and charisma to be successful, Leo finds their riches mostly in the attention they receive and the ability to express themselves. Or, you might know what you want, but not necessarily the logical, mundane steps to take toward success.

Aries: Coming on too strong, too quickly. Taurus: Getting too comfortable, too quickly. Gemini: Talking about your relationship and leaving nothing sacred.

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Cancer: Treating your partner like a parent or child. Virgo: Seeing your partner as a work in progress.

Libra: Telling people what they want to hear, even if it's not true. Sagittarius: Never wanting to make a commitment. Capricorn: Mistaking duty or responsibility for love. Pisces: Indulging your Cinderella complex or someone else's.

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  7. Source: Kelli Fox via TheAstrologer. Virgo is not naturally inclined to becoming a millionaire, but that doesn't mean this humble sign can't become rich. Virgo is most skilled at providing a service, and often find fortune in hobbies turned side gigs. But generally, the Virgin strives for perfection, not necessarily worldly success, and is most likely to become a millionaire by working with someone who is the face of the operation while they act as the brains.

    Luxury-loving Libra spends money as fast as they make it, meaning they are unlikely to become bona fide millionaires of their own accord. Libra also tends to be too generous, which stems from a desire to be liked by everybody. Try as they might to keep track of their money, something always comes up and towards the end of the month you can be sure Libra's bank balance is dwindling. The good news is when Libra helps someone with a loan or spends their money on others, it makes them happy. Try as they might, Libra struggles to keep track of their finances and by the end of the month their bank balance is likely dwindling stock image.

    January 1 Birthday Astrology

    The master of investment, Scorpio knows how to take a calculated risk and reads even the most aloof individuals like a book. Scorpio is more likely than most other star signs to become a millionaire, if that's what they really want, and when Scorpio wants something, they'll die before giving up. You're also likely to find wealth in lucrative 'hidden' and 'dirty' businesses like waste management and crime scene cleanup.

    Sagittarius is more likely to make their fortune at an older age or through the guidance of an older person, because they see youth as a time for exploration and experience. Known as the lucky sign, Sagittarius could strike it rich out of sheer luck or by catching a trend at the right moment. Although you are very hardworking, you greatly enjoy the social setting.

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    In your dealings you are warm, witty and enthusiastic, which explains why you have so many close friends. Your will reflects your overall gifts for creativity. Your quick, creative mind is especially impressive in problem solving situations, as you have been known to find ingenious ways to overcome challenges.

    Earth is the element pair of your sign and in fact, you have the only fundamental relationship with Earth of all the zodiac signs. Your unique connection to Earth makes you an active initiator in all of your pursuits and interests.

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    It is this prudence and practicality that will greatly assist you on your path towards success. If there were one negative earthly quality to avoid, it would be excessive conservatism. Avoid being overly cautious, as this may cause you to miss out on worthwhile life experiences.

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    Tlc january 1 astrology

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