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Capricorn Traits

The Capricorn man does not waste time with mind games. He is a closet romantic, deep, deep down underneath that thick hide. However, he would never allow this to influence any of his decisions when it comes to love and relationships. A Capricorn seeks stability. He wants a steady relationship and he is a devoted partner, as long as there is an equal split share of work and costs.

Having said that, the Capricorn man is only too happy to look after you, and he will make sure that the bills are always paid on time, and the rent is never behind. He will be a source of support and strength to his partner, and the role of protector comes easily to him. He is unlikely to be fickle or unfaithful, as he has weighed up all his options and made the right decision, so he simply does not have a reason to stray.

A long-term partner and steady emotional commitment are all this goat asks for from life. The Capricorn man may surprise you in the bedroom, turning from tame goat to wild satyr in the space of time it takes you to turn the lights down low. In between the sheets, he will apply the same attention to detail he demonstrates in the boardroom to lovemaking and can be surprisingly passionate if and when he loses his inhibitions.

However, a Capricorn man is very interested in pleasing his mate, who may be able to convince him to let down his guard and indulge in some fantasy. He is generally considered most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. See also Sun sign compatibility.

However, there is a lot more to compatibility than only the comparison of the Sun signs. For example, how do your Venus signs compare? Find out Venus signs here.

Capricorn Symbol

Discover Venus sign compatibility here. Practical and reserved, the Capricorn man is a hard-working, down-to-earth person whose foresight has him thinking in the long term. Even the more outgoing Goats have a somewhat guarded manner, as they are usually exceptionally aware of how they are coming across. However, he is very humorous and often in a sarcastic way, and has an interesting take on the world. He is loyal, thoughtful, and essentially kind-hearted.

The Capricorn man is practical and manages his financial portfolio with sensible, realistic investments. He plans well for the future and expects his retirement years to be comfortable ones where he can relax and enjoy himself without the need to worry about money.

Capricorn Astrology December 22 – January 19

He is generally more concerned about future security than most other signs. Owning a pessimistic attitude at times and skeptical attitude almost always, the Capricorn man is extremely wary of anyone promising quick riches for low-risk opportunities and will not open his pocketbook for any of these get-in-on-the-ground-floor invitations.

Capricorn traits

Jewelry might consist of an expensive, high-quality watch, but the remainder of his bling will be kept to a minimum. Capricorns with an instant smile are the most approachable of the bunch, but even these Goats can subtly intimidate others, even without wanting to. It is largely due to this trait that Capricorn men often get involved with rather outgoing people who make the first move. Capricorns can be reluctant at first in a relationship, possibly because he knows that he takes people to heart and any new relationship is a big investment in his mind.

He might even put those things he is less confident about on the table so that he can get that out of the way. Some Capricorns need to avoid coming across as elitist. They can be very choosy and picky, and usually have very definite tastes, likes, and dislikes, but sometimes these traits are translated as snobby. Most Capricorns are aware of this and do their best not to speak in black-and-white terms. This man will never steer his friends wrong and will be there supporting his partner through life.

Capricorn Sign Dates, Traits, & More |

Try not to expect the Capricorn man to flower his response to your question. Enjoy him for his finer traits rather than make him into something he is not.

True, he rarely seems enthusiastic, but get to know him well enough, and you will discover his own way of expressing enthusiasm. Some Capricorn men spend so much time devoted to their career that they seem to put relationships second. Despite his reserved character, the Capricorn man is far from being an unenthusiastic lover and will relinquish himself fully to a deep intimacy with the right companion.

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Capricorn men are not typically big fans of PDA public displays of affection and very much prefer to keep their personal lives on the private side. Any partner of his should know not to gossip about him, argue in public, or otherwise attract negative attention. Thinking and talking about something is not enough for the Capricorn man. With Venus in the sign of Saturn, you may have bouts of melancholy that take you deep into a dark place.

It's important to have friends that understand your need for privacy, but will also reach out with support. Anything you create seems well-constructed, and might be rooted in a sense of place or tradition. You build things to last, with an eye on leaving a lasting legacy. You can be drawn to the old Masters of art, and be turned off by what passes as art today. You're likely interested in antiques and artifacts, and may have collections going of these, some of which have great value.

There's something soulful about you, made all the more intriguing because you keep so much private.

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Yet you're a "doer" and your ambition makes you attractive. Since you're discriminating, those that get into your circle know that it's a kind of honor. You win and keep respect, and know that's the basis for an enduring relationship. You handle your connections with dignity, albeit a bit on the cool side, but this sets you above the fray. Your loyalty is unwavering when a mate has proven to have the right stuff. Regardless of what your Sun sign is, you get along great with the earth signs -- Capricorn , Taurus and Virgo.

You're looking for someone you can count on through thick and thin. You definitely don't want someone who will leach off you. You'll warm up to someone who reaches you through the senses -- look to the Earth Element Too Much, Too Little , for ideas. It helps someone's case if they're accomplished in some area, or are a self-made man or woman. Capricorn is a sign known to seek stability through wealth and success, and you'll find prosperity attractive. But you also admire hard-working, resourceful people on the way up in life. You're a realist, so you're not expecting perfection, just someone perfect for you.

Your approach to relationships may seem a bit serious. It's likely that you approach them like business partnerships.

The 3 Main Capricorn Personality Types, Explained

There's got to be a sense that the person is worth investing in, and that it'll grow over time. You want to surround yourself with dependable people. Updated January 23,

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