Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020

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The nation's 16 and year-olds are having less sex but using condoms more, says the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

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Total Access Communication DTAC , the third largest mobile operator, yesterday urged the telecom regulator to postpone the 5G spectrum auctions scheduled for February to include megahertz spectrum in the auctions. Other Services. Holiday Time Merry Tea Time Everyone! Bussaracum Royal Thai Cuisine. Kavi Chongkittavorn. Atiya Achakulwisut. E-Paper sign in free trial subscribe contact us.

Learning from news. TM30 view topic. This will allow future access for China who will eventually take control of land mass and establish new military bases, hardware and electronic surveillance in specific countries. This will also be a critical time for the USA during that cycle as the country will enter a new presidential period of change and increased financial debt. As is not far away, it is predicted to be a difficult year for global trade due to long term planetary aspects that will form for the first time since the s.

It is imperative that world governments get it right in the next 12 months, otherwise suffer the consequences. Adverse conditions have been rife, especially in Australia over the past decade and general weather conditions globally have been devastating and costly to farmers, agriculturists, the general economy and household cost of living.

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Realistically, this planet has continuously been travelling through so-called climate change for the past 4. Rest assured, we will all adapt to change as we have done in the past. It takes approximately 26, years for the planets in our solar system to complete their rotational cycle together. Also, roughly every 2, years we encounter a recurring tilt of the earth backward and forward movement in conjunction with the moon cycles, influencing tides, solar winds, temperatures, rainfall and general weather conditions. Interesting also to note, most of the recorded wildfires apart from lightning strikes have been ignited by humans, not global warming and climate change.

Arson will continue to be a major problem for fire fighters. Cyclones, storms and floods have also been common in Australia since March —the Hawkesbury River floods in , the Derwent River flooded in Tasmania. During the s to this present-day, critical storms, cyclones and floods have devastated many towns and agriculture pastures. In , New South Wales and South Australia appointed government astronomers to record meteorological data and predict future weather conditions.

Government astronomers were also appointed in Victoria in , in Queensland in , Tasmania in and Western Australia in Ask yourself, where was all this paranoia, exaggeration, media hype and fiction about global warming and climate change during the s to the year ? It was not until Al Gore Aries failed in his bid as president of the USA from , he decided to co-launch his climate fund, Generation Investment Management, a company that manages assets of institutional investors, such as pension funds, foundations and endowments, as well as those of high net worth individuals from offices in London and Washington.

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He has over the years hoodwinked the United Nations, industry and global population and is known for hiding the truth. For many, the so-called global warming and climate change fiasco is nothing but a hoax, initially established only to scare the global population and encourage the greedy investor to manipulate money from the gullible public by investing in solar and other types of renewables. People forget that trees and shrubs need and absorb the carbon dioxide to maintain growth and in turn release oxygen for us living specimens to inhale and stay alive.

Your daily horoscope: March 23

It is called Cycles. If you have zero carbon you will have zero trees. Interesting to note Boris Johnson Gemini will have the moon opposite his communication planet Mercury on election day. Johnson's government will be re-elected, and he as Prime Minister, however his majority may be lower than he expected, possibly in the electorates of Wales and Scotland according to the UK horoscope. Friday 13 December is certainly not an unlucky day for Boris, he will be biting at the bit to get started and to settle the Brexit problem as quickly as possible. He will be making some clear decisions on where he is headed and what his next move will be to achieve his government's goals.

These aspects will create a frustrating time for negotiations with parties, sorting out his cabinet and the Brexit issues. All will turn out satisfactory by the new moon and eclipse on December 26 onward. Donald Trump Donald Trump Gemini will be in for a challenging month of criticism by media and argument by bureaucrats especially during December with Mercury debate and Mars aggression in conflict.

With Mars argument also clashing with Pluto contempt , he will feel he has to fight for what he wants or believes in, and he will be very clear, decisive, and convincing.

There is no doubt Trump will tend to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is necessary over his impeachment process. Trump's horoscope indicates he will overcome his impeachment process through the Senate debate, much to the anguish of Nancy Pelosi Aries , the Democrats house speaker and media. The USA economy and employment has never been so good for many years and, according to Trump's horoscope, he is predicted to gain popularity from July as he runs for a second Presidential term.

Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg Aquarian has now launched himself into the presidential political race as a nominee for the Democrats. Bloomberg is very much an individualist with great determination and enthusiasm who, in astrological terms, would make a confident President of the USA. He can be unrestrained, forceful and extremely energetic for his age of 77 years and at times is completely uninhibited, believing that he must be free to do whatever he wants. He is a positive doer and a problem solver—not a talker, however he does tend to have double standards as he is forceful in making demands of others, but not equally prepared to fulfil what is expected of himself.

On economics and foreign issues, Bloomberg tends towards a conservative or moderate stance, backs free trade, climate change action, law and order. Watch his popularity soar from March when Saturn responsibility moves into his zodiac sign of Aquarius first time for 29 years. He is predicted to be the front runner for the Democrats against Trump for the presidential election.


In fact, he may be foolishly overconfident and take on more challenges than he can really meet. This can, in fact, be a very productive time for Morrison if he can keep his expectations within reasonable bounds. During — , farmers and country towns should benefit through new work and re-settlement programs. Fortunately, throughout many of the slow planetary aspects will clear from some of these countries, bringing more peaceful surroundings and favourable travel. Oil and gas prices show an increase from the 7th and retailers could have a boost with sales during the 21stth when Mars rush meet favourably with Pluto bargains.

With China buying up gold, you could see gold make a bullish charge from March 23, when Saturn securities moves in the zodiac sign of Aquarius trading , first time for 29 years.

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Gold mining around the globe is expensive and slowing, so this planetary combination will soon push up the price of gold. Mining stocks and precious metals will be worth watching as from December 3, onward and into , there will also be a demand for iron ore and copper in Jupiter expand in Capricorn mining should be worth watching.

Hold onto your blue-chip stocks, they will jump in value. The following ASX trading days may assist investors.

globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020 Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020
globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020 Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020
globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020 Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020
globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020 Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020
globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020 Globe and mail horoscope march 23 2020

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