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While Leo will have a hard time dealing with an Aquarian's tendency to treat them like everybody else. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs, which means they are both happier when they have a plan and are in control of their lives.

Leo and Aquarius compatibility

Additionally, a Leo and an Aquarian both have strong views on everything - from where to go, where to live, what to eat, to what friends to spend time with - and if their views differ, which they will, it can start a fight in a blink of an eye. Despite all of their differences, a Leo can open an Aquarian up to a love they've never felt before.

A Leo's love is so selfless, generous, and giving, it can even warm up an emotionally detached Aquarian's heart.

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This, however, can make jealousy a problem. A Leo is flirtatious by nature, and an Aquarian treats everyone the same way they treat their Leo lover. Unless these two learn how to control their jealousy, the fights they have can result in the love they feel for one another fading away. Leo and Aquarius can make a go at a successful romantic relationship, but each will have to make plenty of allowances for their differences.

If each can understand, love, and appreciate what the other brings to the table and not try to change them, the love they have for each other can change each in unimagined ways. However, for this pairing to work long term, Leo and Aquarius must learn to dance together as individuals.

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If they can both do that, theirs can be an exciting, playful, innovative, and lasting relationship. Every Leo and Aquarius is different, related to other planetary sign placements in the birth chart. But, the Sun sign is central to the personality of each, and its traits will be evident to a greater or lesser degree in their relationships. Leo is the personal fire sign and all about Me, Me, Me!

A Leo is wed to who they are, find confidence in that, have a very personal take on life, and are focused on personal friendships and having fun. They embody the full force of the Sun, their ruler, and have big, bright, and friendly personalities. Of course, even a bright and shiny Leo can have a dark side. Aquarius is the universal air sign , that's ruled by the futuristic planet Uranus and Saturn, the taskmaster. An Aquarian loves things that are edgy , has a "we are all one" take on life.

Como enamorar a un hombre Leo

They are objective, wed to creating a better future for all, and focused on befriending like-minded people who, like them, are interested in moving the world forward. However, like a Leo, an Aquarian can also have a darker side.

Leo vs Acuario quién es el más fuerte?

While Sun sign love compatibility can be fun and informative, it can be misleading. Astrology can't tell you who you'll fall in love with. When looking for compatibility between two people in love, astrologers don't just analyze the Sun signs, they look for positive connections between the Moon , Venus, the planet of love, Mars, the planet of sex, and the planet Saturn, for longevity, between the two charts and much more.

Astrological compatibility is a complex process called synastry. Amor inesperado.

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Signos de aire. De Aries a Virgo. No dejes de leer. Signos de flores Descubre como escribir los signos de las flores directamente desde tu teclado. Loading Close. Fechas de los Signos Zodiacales.

Simbolos de los signos zodiacales

Dos personas, que tienen signos zodiacales muy compatibles van a encontrar muchas afinidades porque poseen la misma longitud de onda. Los decanatos de los signos zodiacales. Elementos, cualidades.

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Son los que nos dice como actuamos y reaccionamos antes ciertas cosas. Para entender el significado de los signos zodiacales, nos hemos esmerado en compilar los doce signos y aplicarlo cada uno de manera sucinta. La NASA tuvo que compartir un comunicado ante la supuesta noticia.

Consejos sobre como enamorar a un hombre Leo

Watch Queue Queue. Danos tu signo del zodiaco, el de tu pareja y descubre su grado de compatibilidad. Excelente idea de tatuaje para tauro Resultado de imagen de boho tattoos Vector Art : Set of hippie and bohemian style hand drawn zodiac signs Los signos de Tierra buscan estabilidad, seguridad y comodidad.

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  5. El resto de ellos tiene la forma de las mismas constelaciones. Taturo es estable. Puedes ponerlos en Facebook, Youtube o Myspace. Capricornio es ambicioso y Virgo muy organizados.

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