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If your not open it 1 may not work or 2 work and blow your mind that it did actually work.. I respect peoples decision to believe or not believe but the people that I have helped absolutely believe. A simple photo is all I need to what I do.

There really are people who can help beyond what you comprehend.. I dare you or anyone else to prove otherwise by applying for and winning the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge. I dont know whom to beleive and whom not to beleive. Jenna asked me money before now she sent me the same and exactly carbon copy of the picture but notdemanding money. So I cant say I dont trust her. As some one said she may not look into every email Thats the reason we get automated replies.

God is great. Let him decide who is right and who is cheating the peolple who are desparate for help. If you doubt that Jenna is a fake, please read my posts on Norah the so- called psychic. These people are all liars, cheats and swindlers of the lowest sort! If God is great! Which I think he is, why are you looking for a future and a hole from an false phrophet? I think your statement for God and an astrologer in one paragraph is Hipocritical! Christians should not be involved with this!

Unless you are referring to a different God as there are many. If I remember correctly the bible says we are not to seek council or advice from the stars but from the heavenly council! Same deal, here. Contacted and was asked for money, Got the exact same grid. Glad I ran across this link. Please stop sharing my personal emails with the entire WWW! Please do not disrespect the Ricki Martin Grid! Omg i found my soul mates! Go get that Reiki Reiki woo woo woman now! Jokes aside could everybody tell us when they were born so that we could proove that we were all random?

Hi All… she wrote to me abt some cosmic transit that is going to take place in my Life … and that will happen in 88days.. And i was born on 10th of March ….

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I think this is the easiest way to make money online … I could have fallen into the trap …. And the same copy paste mail with a very very strong connection at the very beginning of the year.

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Thank God and my instinct that i did make the right decision to not to sent her any money. But i wanted to know that how far she can go…. Hy cathy, thxs that janne is really a fraud. I got that grid crap of her. I would advise you to find a better more constructive way to come off inthe future because right now you just seem douchie…. Toy Boat…you have obviously sprung a leak! Your critical thinking skills are sloshing around in a sea of WOO!

I think they may be drowning….. Jenna is a scam artist. There is no energy field in your body, no chi has EVER been identified. If you think you can prove otherwise, go ahead. I am not going to change my tone when I write about these scam artists. They make me angry, and I get sad when I think of how many people trust them, only to be lied to and cheated. They are the douche bags, not me. I also got the same grid, but mine is special.

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It has my name on the top. I would like to thank Jenna for a very special care, but accidentally I saw this blog. Cathy, you blew my positive cosmic waves. Ha ha ha.

Thanks so much for saving me because same information was send to me by the same astrologer …. Hey, guess my stone grid radiates similar kinda energy like u guys.

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I recieved a same mail from over friendly Jenna saying that she has a deep connection with me. And now, she send another saying she is gonna start a very difficult work so that I can tap my dormant potentials. But thanx to this post, my horoscope predictions took a sharp turn! Guess the magnetic energy din work. If you choose to believe that they help you, then good for you.

There are many people who I know who used crystals, and they DO feel better. Sometimes if I hold it for a longer time on my skin it gets warmer. I HAVE studied physics, all my life as a matter of fact. And that is precisely why I can speak with some knowledge about this. Yes, according to physics, matter can be converted to energy — VAST amounts of energy as in the atomic bomb. The energy in ordinary matter is NOT available to be used by regular people at will, however.

I am rational, and educated enough to not be fooled by irrational ideas like manipulation of energy from bits of pretty stone! There has not been a single experimental proof of the so-called power of chakras and crystals. Nobody has EVER seen a chakra. I choose to believe in what is real, not what is in the overactive imaginations of people trying to make money out of the silly beliefs of others. If you believe a piece of stone can change your life, good for you.

But be assured, you are being duped. That is your choice. Chakras and crystals are purely magical thinking, and no sensible person should be taken in by the people who make money out of those ideologies. Of course, if you choose to waste your money, that is your business. I am only interested in exposing the truth and hopefully encouraging people to think logically. My efforts clearly go over the heads of people who are so deeply deluded that nothing would change their minds, such as yourself. I knew she was a scam right after I received her first email in which she repeated my name around s times!

Actually she does this with all her emails which is always a dead give away for a con artist or someone who is trying to hypnotise you covertly. Folks, that reiki grid was made specially for me. It has my name on it and am not sharing! I also got fallen for it after 3 repeated mails from her. I even chatted with her but she dint replies the way she does in her readings. I thank to myself that i searched about her.

Otherwise i would have been conned. I would have paid her in like 48 hrs.

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Feeling like i was hypnotised. To open my eyes. Jenna the astrologer…. She really is frauding ppl. He requested my details early and in person we went over my astrological charts and I asked a lot of questions. It was a lot of information to take in and he provided me a recording of our session via email a couple days after. He's definitely eccentric in person and I will definitely be returning to him in the future. I think it is brilliant you are helping people to spot these fakes.

It is a shame it is not more searchable though.

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I got here by googling Adrian Duncan just to check, and I am glad I did, have bookmarked Exemplore thank you so much! One year I was at a low ebb I ran across a site, thought why not, and ended up with 'Mary' It was so obvious it was computer generated. Top tip to anyone - if you can't write back to them it is obviously bogus!

Check the threading through of key phrases which based on information YOU gave. YOU clicked the box for love, money, career, health, and that is why it is threaded through your 'free reading'.

jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures
jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures
jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures
jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures
jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures
jenna the astrologer pictures Jenna the astrologer pictures

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