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He's also staggeringly raunchy.

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Other websites highlighted sexy men, with even Salon. He's also staggeringly raunchy," she wrote. He's also just plain cute. In photos, he looks stubbly and slightly rumpled, defiantly embraceable. As the arbiters of "the Sexiest Man of the Year," People magazine identified the standards of male beauty; in , they awarded Matt Damon the coveted title.

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He graced the cover with the same haircut he's worn since the start of his career, but inside the magazine, the annual feature revealed more telling traits of sexiness according to pop culture in , like Adrien Grenier's swooping bangs and Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno's goatee. In his pictorial shoot, Matthew McConaughey walked towards the photographer while holding a surfboard.

People chose the actor's abs as his strongest point, but McConaughey's mother told the magazine it was "his integrity. Jake Gyllenhaal's blurb also struck a bizarre mix of sexual teasing and shout outs to his family. Posing in a green shirt, he gushed about his sister. Only Dancing with the Stars dancer—and thick hair poster boy—Maksim Chmerkovskiy seemed to grasp what sexuality was actually about in Cashmere belt, Chaiken; price available upon request. Crochet earrings, Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel. Silver neckloce, girl props. Cotton vest, Andrew Sport. You guys tan help me dowifltiow.

Which one is the carburetor? For bronzed legs sons panly hose, Hawaiian Tropic's Island Glow Doily Moisturizer isn't streaky and smells better than car grease. Ever wonder what happens right before Gisclc, Adriana, Gemma or Karolina steps onto the catwalk? By the time the first shows of the day start at 9: Picture girls with curlers in their hair, exhausted publicists screaming into their headsets, editors competing for interviews with designers and stylists, and manicurists chiding the models to sit still long enough for their nail polish to dry.

As the crowd pours into the main space, the backstage area goes from hectic to frantic as makeup artists and stylists scramble to get all the lovelies, especially the ones who showed up late, in gear. The plastic cover is peeled off the shiny white runway, and the lights dim. The DJ plays his first track and with that, the first model hits the catwalk.

While models can make good money walking the runway. Each sea- son the park hosts four tents that will hold around 70 major shows over eight days. New girls often done know how to walk. Well, its a tot harder chan you think. Agencies like Next Management use professional coaches like the one and only I. Since the catwalk is brand new and glossy for each show, some poor girl eats it every season. The inspiration for this show: Wanna get the look?

C chief makeup artist Gordon Espinet used M. C worked on the 25 models, time was scheduled for 2: Q and the show srarre A girl was swing in g ai Models like Gemma left and Lily spend lots of time together between the castings, the fittings and the shows. Many become friends, and since they are always traveling, fash- ion week is a little bit like summer camp — with a paycheck.

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This is one of the most hotly anticipated shows every season. Once the 15 min- utes of fashion are over, many rush backstage to double-kiss or interview the designer, but usually, its time to run to the next show. No one will be watching him anyway when you're wearing bright, unexpected orange. Oh, he has cooties, too? Thin slouch gloves make for stylish germ protection.

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  • Opposite page, on Colleen: Silver earrings, vin- toge; try savers. Canvas and leather shoes, Etro.

    This page, on Meredith: The side ponytail is officially cool again. Opposite page, on Meredith, left: Earrings, vintage; see girlprops. Belt, vintage; see your local Goodwill for similar styles. Resin bangle, vintage; see girlprops. Liven up the gym floor with metallic platform wedges, confetti, noise makers and other party favors like you. Nylon- blend fights, sfockingirl. Gold bracelets, Lia Sophia. Ponts see pre- vious. Leother ond cotton belt. ELLEgirl's merchandising editor offered design advice while giving out stel- lar door prizes and gift-with-purchase goodie bags.

    Check out the pix of some a of our favorite tricked-out Chucks! The Top 10 highest scores from the girls group will advance to the finals at Mammoth Mountain this spring. There will be cash prizes and free food. What more could a girl want? Four awesome runway shows forecasted the hottest surf, skate, snow, swim and youth culture trends of the coming season. He's an X Games medalist, star of snowboarding movie First Descent watch out for the DVD], snowboarding gear designer for Burton, Volcom and Oakley, and, at press time, hod just qualified for the winter Olympics. It was me and these year- olds.

    I talked about cartoons and they were like, 'We're gonna go drinking and get chicks! My mom gave me a bell to ward off bears. Like, do I really want to be shaking this bell before he eats me? Or if I keep falling one way, getting snow down my pants, I come up with something that goes over my belt.

    If I can't talk to you for one minute, I get over it. Hey, it's a man pageant.

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    Each issue, our contestants perform a revealing task. This month, we invited graphologist Louise Erpelding to analyze the boys' handwriting samples to tell us about their personalities. Unfortunately, we must cut one every month Charlie Wiggins was eliminated from the original lineup. Now, take a look at their John Hancocks and vote for your favorite on ellegirl.

    His signature reveals his energy, ambition and individual approach to things. He's very sophisticated for his age. Okay, that's just hot. Dylan Rieder, 17 Westminster, CA Pro skateboarder There's a lot of movement in his signature, revealing that he still wants to have many different kinds of experiences.

    He's capable of being quite empathetic. We'll take all we can get. He's a perfectionist and an idealist. He'll be successful and do a lot of good work in the world. This guy is going places.

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    Jake Goodman, 22 Boston Rowing brainiac Jake takes a lot of initiative. He possesses self-confi- dence, is smart and expresses himself well. Jake, take a risk on us. He's a deliberate thinker with strong convictions and a memory like an elephant. If you give up the blades and run for office, we'll vote for you. He's also smart and curious. His writing has more flourish than the others, so he likes to make an entrance.

    Hot and friendly is a good combo.

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    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope
    Ellegirl weekly horoscope

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