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They don't understand the inner workings of water. Which is why by "general" standards, these elements cannot get eachother. So much i understand why astrologers say what they say. But it IS more than just sun signs.

And there has to be water with water houses in the chart of the Aquarius in my opinion to understand a water person. Anyway I thought I'd say that because astrology really helped me understand on a deeper level Any two people who love each other have a chance. I believe in consciousness of each mate having awareness of the other. Regardless of the sun sign. Yes, Scorpio and Aquarius are a difficult pair. But then Scorpio and Aquarius are difficult in general with anybody.

If you want my deeper analysis, go to the TRIAD article, get your sun, rising and moon signs and give me those two matchings, and I will do a better analysis.


Queer Astrology for Men

It's free. You will need the hour of birth, plus city and birthdate, obviously. I will look for "Lechiaa".

The Best Gay & Lesbian Zodiac Sign Compatibility Matches In Love [Happy Gay Pride Month, Everyone!]

I'm a scorpio girl And my boyfriend is an aquarius. Him and I have been dating for seven months now. A few months back he showed me a site where it said we were not meant for each other at all. I kept telling him that it only ends like that when the people stop caring. And that there is a chance for me and him to be together. And now that I read this page about out signs it a sures me that we do have a chance..

That's what people don't get Scorpios are earnest. They don't play around.

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Even when you think they are playing around, they are not playing around. Its all earnest all the time. That should be the real one word description. They won't abandon you unless you have become unregenerate or completely negative. Here's to you. But, I do understand, after learning more of astrology- in depth, how loyal and very deep they love. They truly will never abandon you. Now, you just have to live with all that Scorpio.

Two Fixed Signs: The Scorpion and the Water Bearer

From what I know of Aquarius, you will do your dead level best. Maybe because i have a mutable moon and a rising in a mutable sign. He has a mutable moon and rising as well. We both adapt very well to each other, but even with that, it wasn't "effortless" in the beginning. Oh it was not smooth riding. But, i love him and he loves me.

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I guess it prepared me. See if you say this then you don't comprehend what scorpios mean by love. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign but they don't understand a great deal of humanity at all. He doesn't really want to hurt you but is actually destroying a part of himself. Aquababy: it's not that it's misunderstood, it's just that even if you love with your whole being, it's still not enough for a scorpio.

It is still an indirect way of love and emotion, scorpios do not consider that to be "the real thing". Even if you love with your whole being and have the best intention, you are still unable to process emotion the same way a scorpio does from birth and totally NEEDS this in the partner too. It's very sad but it is true, even if both of you really want to make it together, you are just plain incompatible. This is very true. Aquarians do not represent themselves well in this regard.

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Recently, an Aquarian at a family gathering turned to me and said "Tell her what I really feel inside". I did not try to do that, but I did say: "Disclosing their insides, their emotional heart is a difficult challenge for them. Sometimes I feel an aquarius gets a bad rep for not showing emotion the way other signs do but as far as the love thing goes yes we do know how to love and we do so with our whole beings and I think maybe thats why we sometimes distance ourselves because we don't want to be hurt. In all reality we are sensitive and hurt just like any other sign when love goes wrong.

An Aquarius' feelings for you can't just be in her head. When an Aquarius loves, it's with her whole being. Or at least that's the way I loved my Scorpio guy, but he stung me anyways. Love is so much more than something that is just physically projected. Anyone can pretend to physically project love. I wanted to teach him If I was able to hate him , I'd hate what he did to me and anyone who hurt him obviously someone did for him to sting me the way that he did.

I see that people are interested in helping out quite a bit, and that's fine, that's what this form is for. But I myself just went through a personal situation with an Aquarius and a Scorpio just this weekend.

Romantic Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius

Without getting into the yelling and crying, I must say that not only are both of these signs FIXED and stubborn, they are also different in so many ways that both must apply a set of glasses so that they can communicate their desire to get along. This is a very difficult combination. The first thing these two should ask is "How much real love do we feel we have? This is very true i went threw this things with my ex we always bump heads becouse we are both stuburn so yes i had to break it off it was to much for me i decided to move on.. Im a Scorpio guy dating an Aquarius girl and I think our demise came from my jealousy and possesivness which o feel stems from the fact that she is more outgoing and social than I am..

I also felt she wasn't as demonstrative in her feelings towards me and that they were in her head and couldn't be physically projected There is so much text above, I cannot really do justice to the complexity of the commentary. Ask me a simple question, and I will try to give my best heartfelt response.

These matters are so heavy to the individual, that when people bare the care of their souls, I do not want to pretend to comprehend as much as they think I can comprehend. When this depth is involved, I would rather go to the surface, splash around on the beach and think about the basics. If you have a basic feeling, ask me. My posts were generalisations, so far these were my experiences with aqua women, but of course this doesn't mean that they apply to every case.

I know that the basically emotional landscape experienced by "typical" scorpios is only in their heads, and that the basically mental landscape experienced by "typical" aquarians is only in their heads. What I meant is that even so, "typically" these landscapes are so far away from each other that the distance cannot really be overcome by transformation, as that would mean self-denial, would do more harm than good.

Trying to experience life in a way that one cannot. But since only 3 signs experience life through pure emotion, most people probably don't understand what we mean by all this. I understand your frustration.

Love astrology

If it makes you feel better to think that all similarities of these types in all cases are going to react the way you feel they will, then go ahead and feel that. However, if you feel that these kinds of transformations for you two can not occur, then most certainly for you, they won't.

I wish you the best in the future.

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